Hot water cylinder (Service / Repairs)

Got properties under management with Electric Hot Water Cylinders?

Norwich Residential Maintenance has fully qualified staff to carry out servicing and repairs.


Electric hot water tanks – Under the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and general recommendations they advise tanks should be serviced annually. This is of particular importance in hard water areas or where the water supply contains particulate matter. Maintenance should be carried out by a competent person (holding an Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage systems certificate).

Manufacturer’s recommendations are:

  • Descaling Immersion Heaters (This will prolong the life of the elements and reduce electric consumption)
  • Removing limescale from bottom of tank (Prolong the life of the tank)
  • Check operation of safety valves
  • Check the strainer

Please note the whole tank has to be drained to complete the service.


  • Blown elements and faulty thermostats
  • Tripped electrics and leaks
  • Got water dripping from the tundish?  This is sign of fault.

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