As you can imagine we get asked the same questions on a weekly basis, either from new owners or new tenants:

We welcome emails and telephone calls from any leaseholder or tenant. Where we can assist, we will try our best. However please information below regarding the most common questions asked.

  • Who to contact in an emergency?
  • Visitor Parking?
  • I have been clamped. What do I do?
  • There is a vehciel in my space. What do I do?
  • Where are the bins?
  • Where are the cycle stores?
  • Can I have a pet?
  • My TV doesn’t work.


The responsibilities of Riverside Walk Residents Association Ltd

The following is a brief resume setting out the responsibilities of Riverside Walk Residents Association Ltd . In the event of any doubt, Residents should contact their own Solicitor or refer to legal documentation.

The Management Company was formed by the house builder/developer to look after the communal areas, i.e. external grounds/garden areas, internal communal areas, repairs to the buildings.. By purchasing a property on a development site where a resident management company is formed, purchasers become members of the management company and are required to uphold the respective covenants, as identified within the terms of the lease/transfer document, where applicable.

The Management Company is not responsible for individual flats, where applicable, themselves in respect of maintenance/repairs, but has limited authority to deal with any breaches of the lease within the flats, i.e. noise from within a flat causing a disturbance to a neighbouring property.

The Management Company deals with the appointment of contractors, and the payment in respect of works and services are met from the maintenance charge contribution paid by residents. The Management Company pays invoices in respect of all these services and items identified on the analysis of the maintenance charge.

It is at times the Management Company Limited which is responsible for the implementation of block buildings insurance in the case of flats/apartments (where applicable), and accordingly there is no need for any individual buildings insurance cover.

The Management Company is also responsible for dealing with any solicitors’ enquiries at the time of the sale of a property.

The responsibilities Norwich Residential Management

As your appointed property management company Norwich Residential Management has a set of clearly-defined responsibilities to you. As a leaseholder you too have certain (legally binding) responsibilities, not just to us, but to your Management Company, your neighbours and people visiting your development and its communal areas.

Responsibilities as a Managing Agent acting on behalf of your Resident Management Company.

As a Managing Agent, it’s our job to manage the service providers that look after the upkeep of your development and assume the time-consuming administrative tasks involved in the day-to-day running of any development.

In practice this means that Norwich Residential Management works on behalf of and at the direction of your Residents’ Management Company (RMC), which has been entrusted with the task of overseeing the management of your living environment and setting the service charge budget. We report to the Directors every month, providing them with financial information and full update of any issues.

Leaseholders (you and your neighbours) are usually the ‘owners’ of the RMC who will vote for fellow leaseholders to be Directors who have the responsibility of that RMC. Your RMC Directors instruct Norwich Residential Management to collect service charges and allocate those funds accordingly; these funds are used to maintain the upkeep of the development and to pay for services and contractors

Services are divided into two main categories: Day-to-day Management and Administration (Financial and Legal).

Day-to-day Management services include:

  • Cleaning and lighting of all common areas (hallways, staircases, etc.)
  • Gardening of the communal grounds
  • Maintenance of lifts, security and intercom systems
  • Arranging for external and internal re-decoration
  • Appointing and managing the on-site concierge or caretakers
  • Arranging your buildings insurance
  • Various other repairs and renewals when needed

Administration (Financial and Legal) services include:

  • Collecting money from you in the shape of your service charge (once the budget has been approved by directors of the residents’ management company)
  • Managing the residents’ management company bank account
  • Paying service providers on your behalf
  • Administering and recording all transactions and relevant records
  • Overseeing statutory accounting and returns
  • Managing the property in line with relevant legislation including company law, terms of leases and good business practices
  • Attending residents’ meetings, preparing and circulating meeting notes
  • Managing the tendering process for service and major works in accordance with statutory requirements